April 13, 2018
A lot bigger than we were expecting, but has some great features and frankly, not having to change the paper from A4 to A3 every time we need to change the size is going to be so much easier!!


April 06, 2018
Long time been searching and waiting for a piece of hardware like this, finally got it amazing printing colours, desirable scanner

well satisfied value for money

April 05, 2018
whilst not having used it very much yet, it seems a rugged piece of kit and does exactly what it is claimed to be capable of. thank you HP

Great printer

April 02, 2018
Excellent all round. Would be nice for me to be able to save settings for individual trays, like 'tray 1 = A4 black & white, tray 2 = A3 colour'. It might be that you can do this, I've only had it a day, so still learning. I'd recommend it.