Great product and great price!

February 27, 2018
Great product and great price! Looking forward to the security of the extended warranty! This product replaces my excellent previous HP Printer! This is one reason why I purchased another HP product! Our laptops are both HP products too!


February 21, 2018
Excellent product - very easy to set up and print quality is good. Needs some better user instructions - there was nothing to tell you how to set up the second printer tray for example It is a big beast so you need a sturdy table to put it on


February 19, 2018
Good quality at an affordable price. A sleek looking product with multiple functions for personal or office use alike

Superb Printer

February 16, 2018
Bought this to print circuit diagrams on A3 so that I could see the detail on them. Does the job very well. Quite a big printer for a home environment, but worth making the space available. Highly recommended.