Product needs to be XL too

October 08, 2012
I just wish you could get the product as XL like the Black color.

A Better 901 Tricolor

September 16, 2012
My HP printer, an Officejet, specifies 901 inks. I use 901 XL black cartridges for their value-more than double the volume of ink for less than double the cost. I have a suggestion to HP: Why not make the Tricolor ink available in an XL verson as well. I realize that more black is normally used than color. Since value is the backbone of all HP products, extend that value to Tricolor cartridges as well.... Read More  Hide

This product has very good features

September 10, 2012
I've never had a problem with this product and think it provides good performance with reasonable price. Note: I wish HP would change the color scheme of this web site to eliminate the black background with overlayed white text. This color scheme makes it difficult to print receipts, do Print Screen printing, etc without wasting lots of ink and getting poor quality prints.... Read More  Hide

this ink is great

September 04, 2012
it was the correct ink for my printer. it's very nice ink. i knw this isn't review material. i was most impressed with hp customer service. outstanding.
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