The colors are really sharp and you can match them

August 04, 2012
I really like these color cartridges, I jus wish thal they lasted longer. I reallt like to make my own greeting cards and since I usually make them borderless, I prefer to match the background color. It is simple to do and I can usually match the color perfectly. The only prob;em I find is it sometimes is a problem with pale blues, but you can't have everything. It just seems that I am always running out of ink, especially since I always run a rough sample firest. But I wouldn't use anyother cartdige anyway. And thank you for the quick service on delivery, another BIG PLUS.... Read More  Hide

HP Product is Great

August 01, 2012
HP products are always as expected: in pefect condition and long-lasting.

Printer runs again

July 27, 2012
My HP Printer would not work with refilled cartridges, now it runs again. How did you do that?

Like this cartridge

July 18, 2012
I'm happy with the longevity, performance of this cartridge. In relation to my last printer its ease of use is superior.
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