December 13, 2011
it's easy to order and shipping because i'm disabled and it hard for me to run to stores. plus it's affordable for us because we ar low income. theresa

not so good

November 17, 2011
Not this order, but the previous order we purchased the same color cartridge and it only printed pink. I called and told some lady who said it had to be our printer and transfered me. Well, I knew it wasn't our printer since it had been working fine before replacing for the new cartridge. My husband just said to leave it and when we had to order black cartridges to order a new color one. And what do you know this new one wrks fine----so it was YOUR cartridge that was bad not our printer. Too bad your people don't listen when the customer tells them that it the cartridge.... Read More  Hide

good purchase

November 13, 2011
I use this ink all the time. Like it.

You don't have a choice

November 12, 2011
HP ink is pretty average. It prints decent non-photo black. It doesn't fade, smudge, clog or do anything bad. In other words, it works like any other ink. These ink cartridges excel in the identifying information HP has added to their ink cartridges. A lot of time, effort, and (our) money has gone into ensuring you (and I) continue to keep giving. Your printer will complain bitterly if you use a non-HP cartridge. Not because the other ink damages your printer but because it hurts the HP bottom-line. You don't really have a choice. Might as well get used to overpriced ink. Or get used to your cheap printer protesting that you are cheap.... Read More  Hide
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