Too Expensive for quality

January 14, 2011
I used up 3 color cartridges to print out 20 sheets of pictures. It also did not catch the true color of the pictures. I love the machine but it's so scary to use when I have to print anything in color.

good quality but ink runs out too fast

October 29, 2010
Color is excellent, printer is fast and reliable, but ink runs out much too fast--I printed 7 full color pages and perhaps 12 partial pages , and ran the color cartridge almost dry. I previously had a 3150 all-in-one and never had a problem like this. I would recommend that HP concentrate on this.... Read More  Hide
Most Helpful

Reliable but slow

September 23, 2010
This printer works well except for the fact that it is unbelievably slow. Also, it would be great if one could purchase tri-color XL and save buying toner so often. I like to print photos but they take forever to print and the toner runs out rapidly.... Read More  Hide
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