Great product

May 05, 2017
HP inks produce beautiful pictures

Excellent ink

May 02, 2017
Speedy delivery, good price, clear crisp prints

As expected from a HP product.

April 28, 2017
Good quality; well packaged; quick delivery.

I've tried other products, even the "so-called"...

April 27, 2017
...Re-fill inks and discount brands from other stores, even so-named HP brand as stocked in other stores than HP's own. I buy exclusively from HP now and get excellent results. I buy the longer lasting XL cartridges because they not only really do last longer, but they also save me the time of changing the cartridges out and therefor, since I do not have to change as often, it is less wear on the printer. I am an artist as well as a writer, and I say the color and mixed tones from these inks are better, longer lasting and faster drying than any others I have used. I would recommend HP inks any time for any printing application, and I especially recommend the longer lasting HP "XL" inks.... Read More  Hide