The 6600 is responsive and accurate.

November 28, 2013
Originally owned HP- 2210 - Four in One. Had it for approximately ten years, gave us good service overall. So when the printer band broke, we decided to stay with HP and purchase a 21st Century model. We purchased HP Oficejet 6600. Our son, Scott, installed it for us. Glad he was here to do so. The printer ink cartridges are different. Not used to them as yet. I believe all I need to know about our new printer and new ink cartridges is in the owners manual. Am I right? Any chance on getting a fabulous deal on a HP Computer? We are seniors and are on a fixed income. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance. Phil McKenney... Read More  Hide

This product fits our needs perfect.

November 12, 2013
The cartridges are used in a business, last as long as advertised and never causes any printing errors. HP shipping is great.,'

Somewhat expensive for service provided

November 11, 2013
The ink seems to "dry out" or become sketchy after a very short period of time. If the printer is not used almost on a daily basis the heads have to be cleaned which uses a considerable amount of ink making the printing cost/sheet rise rather rapidly. I have two other HP Printers that use totally different Ink cartridges and they sometime sit for weeks and do not encounter this problem. This issue is the same for the Black and the individual (3) color cartridges.... Read More  Hide

Awesome next day shipping

November 03, 2013
I couldn't believe how quick I received my order. I ordered the black and all colors of ink for my HP6600 printer (MFC) and received ALL the NEXT DAY. Even though it was on a Saturday morning and I was at home, not at my office. I love it!!! Oh, and the pricing, unbelievable because I had credits from previous orders and my cartridges were on sale!!!... Read More  Hide