For the money you can't go wrong with printer

May 13, 2017
Easy to set up and works well. I'm vey pleased with it.

Deskjet 1112

May 11, 2017
Great printer! No frills which is what I was looking for. I would recommend this printer if you are looking to simplify your life!

Nice printing, difficult install

May 05, 2017
Once I got it installed I found the printing to be very clear and the starting speed surprisingly fast. I have not yet tested it on envelopes. The installation was very difficult for me. First, I have a hard time understanding pictures, so setting the printer up took a long time, and it was only luck I figured out how to install the cartidges. The Windows install was very elaborate and asked all sorts of questions I didn't want to answer, and that I think are unnecessary. I think HP is just grabbing what info they can. Then , I had to install it on my Linux computer. However, the documentation does not say ANYWHERE that this printer requires a very recent version of HPLIP in order to run. Again, I stumbled on that fact by accident as I was looking for solutions. The HPLIP installation was a nightmare -- it just is not documented well, and I had to start over twice. The good news: once I got HPLIP installed it found the printer and set it up. It now works fine. I think better documentation is needed everywhere for this printer.... Read More  Hide

Great printer

April 27, 2017
This printer works great. Affordable, and easy to set up. The only issue I had was that the starter ink cartridges were defective. Luckily I had ordered full size cartridges too, so when I put them in it all worked smoothly. HP customer service was great, they sent me free replacements for both the color and black ink.... Read More  Hide
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