Not recommended

December 29, 2016
Came without required USB connector and with a cartridge that needed replaced after 60 pages (replacement cartridge costs as much as printer). Probably better to not waste money on this

USB CABLE ??????????

December 25, 2016
How can you sell a printer without a USB cable? I had an important prints to take, so I bought this printer because of its cheaper price. But now I have installed the software and other stuff, I don't have the usb cable. I mean seriously it is possible to print without usb. And it is written in some corner of the box in very ant size words that the USB is required. This is not appreciable at all.... Read More  Hide

Initial setup and first use accomplished

November 29, 2016
Not being the least bit tech savvy, it took me nearly two hours to set up the printer and actually print something. I am frustrated by drawings instead of worded directions, so figuring out the photos was a challenge with regard to inserting the ink cartridges. The lack of the necessary USB cord was annoying and should have been mentioned when I purchased the printer. I had to wait an additional few days to order the cord separately. Once I stressed my way through the setup process, I was pleased. The print is clear. It takes a bit longer than the HP laser jets I used at offices over the years, but this little home printer does the job for what I need. This will save me trips to the library to print. The space saving size is good. It's a cute little design and fits nicely next to my desk. I chuckled at the reviewer who said it looks like a bread box. Actually, it does resemble that shape, but it's attractive nonetheless and does what I need it to do. Overall, I'm happy and recommend the Deskjet 1112 for personal home use. Thank you, HP. I've used your printers over the years working in offices and know it's an outstanding brand, therefore when I needed a home printer, I knew I could count on HP.... Read More  Hide

Wish I could recommend but too soon to know

November 24, 2016
Not yet can I recommend the HP Desk 1112. I have not been able to print anything that's usable. Just hooked it up, which was easy enough by following the diagram that came with the printer. And the price seemed excellent. However, the first photos I tried to print did not print fully - only the top quarter or half printed. I tried five times, and wasted all five pages of high quality 8.5x11" photo paper. Not happy. Then the supplied cartridges ran out of ink, and I had to buy more. Now, tonight, the cartridges I bought arrived (63XL Remanufactured Ink Cartridge for HP 63 ink High Yield) didn't work. The error message said the tri-color cartridge (not the black ink cartridge) needed to be replaced. Just ordered new ink original HP cartridges, and am hoping beyond hope that they work. More later............ Read More  Hide
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