This product was a waste of time and money.

May 22, 2013
This ink cartridge worked for 1 week and then began causing my printer to stop and give error messages. I have to take out the cartridge about every other time I use the printer and put it back in several times before it will work.

Works Well Over Time

May 22, 2013
Have been using HP inkjet cartridges for many years with only one failure that was corrected immediately with no additional cost for postage or anything else. The 901 Tri-color is not available in the XL size but that is probably safer. We use a cartridge until one color is completely missing from the picture. Using that method, the ink proportions appear to be exactly correct for printing digital pictures as the cartridge seems virtually empty at that point. We tried a store brand but HPs print longer and are trouble free. I highly recommend staying with HP inks.... Read More  Hide

Excellent product!

May 20, 2013
Have been using these cartridges for as long as I have had this printer and am quite happy. The only problem I ever have is that the color cartridge does not always print out as dark as it should causing some problems occasionally. It doesn't ever get any better after I change cartridges.... Read More  Hide

Great deal

April 13, 2013
Great deal, great price.