great looks and texture

February 06, 2018
this keyboard is beautiful and fun to type on, great quality build, sturdy and again, REAL FUN TO TYPE ON
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Very good

February 03, 2018
I purchased this keyboard just to go with my new OMEN X desktop and it is really aimed at gamers, which I am not. I works well and I actually enjoy the positive feedback from the keys. I would say it is the weak link in the series, but not by much.

Very good budget mechanical keyboard!

January 03, 2018
I love this keyboard! The Build Quality is great and it is very rigid and has a good, tough feel. The lighting is bright but has limited options, but has good value for the price, 8/10 Would recommend.

I love the back light

December 19, 2017
The Omen keyboard is a great addition to my computer as it is a similar color in light, they go together as they should be.
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