Has my desired additional features

February 07, 2018
This unit is an upgrade from my HP 6978 that still runs just fine. The 8740 has one-pass, dual-sided scanning and two paper trays that I use for regular and legal sized paper. My 6978 does dual-side scanning but that is handled by the document handler so it takes additional time. It also has only one paper tray. The 8740 is an improvement and is worth the cost to me. Functionality is very good as is print quality and speed. The larger screen is helpful. The unit is not small. Probably the same footprint as the 6978 but it is quite a bit taller. The stacker trays are not huge so you do need to keep an eye on the output if you are printing a long document. The desktop software will allow you to create shortcuts for common functions but I have not yet found a way to transfer that shortcut to the printer screen. That would be very handy. But, for most functions, I don't need to bother with the computer. I can simply walk to the printer, insert the document, scan it to the computer - all in one process - without dealing with the computer. That's a plus. I use the Instant Ink program and find that worth the cost - no more trips to the office supply store plus I get "official" HP ink. Convenience is worth the price. All in all, I like the unit. It seems sturdy enough and has been reliable.